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Torque Wrench Tips

How to Conduct the Loosening Torque Test Method

Every time a fastener is used to form a joint between two parts, torque control is a key element of that formula. Ensuring a well-tightened fastener is installed properly to the pre-defined torque specification will determine the success or failure of a product. Torque testing is key to identifying and reducing fastening failures.

A lack of monitoring and measuring torque is a lack of quality control. Insufficient torque can cause a screw or bolt to loosen from vibrations. Excessive torque can cause fasteners to overstretch and break. After a torque specification is determined for a joint, it is a good practice to perform periodic audits to verify proper torque is being achieved.

  • Establish a torque auditing program
  • Torque auditing validates the fastening process
  • Use common torque testing methods
  • Measuring torque occurs in three areas of the assembly process

There are three universal torque testing methods that were established to provide a reference to the applied torque.


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